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Cool and Connected – a funding opportunity to expand broadband in communities.

Communities all across Maine are recognizing that access to high quality, affordable reliable broadband is a critical element to their community and economic future.  Whether it’s improving access to health care through telemedicine, encouraging telecommuting, expanding business opportunities – or just being able to watch Netflix and video chat with your kids, high quality broadband […]

How Chebeague Island crossed the digital divide – keeping pace with internet use calls for mixed solutions

Blog by DAVID HILL Cross posted from the Island Institute Islanders provide for themselves and Chebeague Island is no exception. Over the years, we Chebeaguers have built our own library, recreation center, museum, daycare center and affordable housing; created an assisted living facility; and even provided our own ferry service. Plus, we became our own town, seceding […]

Your Voices needed NOW to improve Broadband in Maine!

The next few weeks are a critical period for those interested in improving broadband in Maine. If this topic interests you, there are vital ways for you to learn and get involved. ConnectME Authority Strategic Planning Forums The first is a series of public forums to be held by the ConnectME Authority in order to help them formulate their first […]