The Maine Broadband Coalitions wants all of Maine to be in the top third of the country for high speed broadband.  To achieve this we are going to be open to all technology that can get us there. If you are interested in world class broadband, we want you to join us.

When we are successful, Maine will be stronger – there will be impact on Education, Health care, economic development and  quality of life.  Our goal is in five years Maine will have  a one gigabyte symmetrical service,  at $80 a month, 99% reliability, secure, and universally available.  As a result Maine will have measurable improvement statewide in healthcare, education, economic opportunities and quality of life.  It is a stretch goal, but one that can happen.

The Maine Broadband Coalition is about improving Maine’s economy and quality of life through building broadband infrastructure and demand that puts Maine in the top third of country for broadband connections.


The Coalition is open to any person or organization sharing these goals. Building a superior network is a big job and we will seek active participation of everyone who wants to help build a world class, open network that serves all of Maine. Everyone is part of the solution and everyone should benefit from solving the problem.

We strive to improve the network of the State of Maine, every region and population segment.   We believe Maine people must have equal access to the most outstanding opportunities in the nation that a connection to high speed broadband can provide.

The network must be affordable, and provide high quality broadband service that improves Maine’s economic and educational opportunities, health care access and enhance Mainer’s quality of life. The job is not finished unless all of the State has a superior network.

This cannot be done without both public and private funds.  This will include expansion of open access municipal and community networks.

We must  do more than build the network.  We will work to increase adoption and use of this high speed, high quality network so that Maine can use it to its best advantage.

The coalition is committed to a long term effort. Technology is constantly improving; and will therefor the Coalition will constantly raise our standards.