Broadband in Maine: A Compelling Case Study of Its Benefits

By Tracy Scheckel, OTT Communications Dirigo:  Broadband in Maine, We SHOULD lead Last week we discussed a couple of the many bills regarding broadband in Maine that are floating around the Legislature.  We also hosted “Breakfast and Broadband” in Augusta with a dozen or so legislators joining us. Our presentation focused on OTT’s company history, […]

Regional Broadband Approaches: Achieving Scale with Community Networks

By Trevor Jones, OTT Communications More and more, communities are considering the possibility of building publicly-owned broadband infrastructure.  In the process, some are finding that regional broadband approaches offer economies of scale and other benefits. It can be difficult for multiple communities to work together while competing for resources and economic opportunity, but a handful of […]

What We Can Expect: Federal Support for Rural Broadband Deployment

By Trevor Jones  – OTT Communications As discussion continues about Rural Broadband Deployment in New England and Nationwide, it’s useful to keep up with opportunities that exist to fund expansion from existing revenue sources.  Recently, an effort has been underway to realign support mechanisms that have to date been employed to support rural landline telephone service, deploying […]

The Discussion Continues: Rural Broadband in Maine

Post By Trevor Jones, OTT Communications    This Monday, we attended a forum entitled “Bringing Broadband to Maine’s Rural Communities: Insights for Maine from National Success Stories” in Hallowell, Maine.  The event was sponsored by the Maine Broadband Coalition, CEI and Island Institute and featured regional and national speakers who outlined a variety of regional and national approaches […]

Broadband is now officially a utility!

Post by Fletcher Kittredge Earlier last month, there was a Federal Appeals Court ruling that has a significant impact on the way the internet is regulated in the US. The court said the internet may be treated as a “telecommunications service” – as a public utility, rather than as a lightly regulated competitive “information service”. […]

Cool and Connected – a funding opportunity to expand broadband in communities.

Communities all across Maine are recognizing that access to high quality, affordable reliable broadband is a critical element to their community and economic future.  Whether it’s improving access to health care through telemedicine, encouraging telecommuting, expanding business opportunities – or just being able to watch Netflix and video chat with your kids, high quality broadband […]

How Chebeague Island crossed the digital divide – keeping pace with internet use calls for mixed solutions

Blog by DAVID HILL Cross posted from the Island Institute Islanders provide for themselves and Chebeague Island is no exception. Over the years, we Chebeaguers have built our own library, recreation center, museum, daycare center and affordable housing; created an assisted living facility; and even provided our own ferry service. Plus, we became our own town, seceding […]